Historical Observers and Space Personalities of Note

Brahe, Tycho (1546-1601) - Danish nobleman noted for his accurate planetary observations and for disproving the Aristotlean concept of celestial spheres; mentor to Johannes Kepler.

Carrington, Richard (1826-1875) - British astronomer who first demonstrated the existence of solar flares and suggested their electrical influence on Earth and its atmosphere.

Elliot, James (1943-2011) - American astronomer who first discovered the rings surrounding Uranus with his work on stellar occultations.

Marsden, Brian (1937-2010) - British-American astronomer noted for his work tracking comets and asteroids, as well as directing the most widely circulated networks of professional and amateur observations.

Sandage, Allan (1926-2010) - American cosmologist noted for his research on the expansion of the universe and the value of the Hubble constant; assistant to Edwin Hubble.